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Jan 12, 2016

The Future of Books

TL;DR: eBooks and audiobooks merge into a single medium.

I still remember showing a friend my apartment back in 2005. He looked around puzzled and asked "You are someone that reads a lot. Where is your library?". Having moved between continents a few times I developed a habit of giving books away right after reading …

Oct 2, 2012

TypeScript HTML5 Samples

Digger, Netron, Textor source is now using the new TypeScript language and compiles on all platforms via node.js.

Sep 28, 2012

Syndicate and Phonecard

Updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Syndicate supports Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook on iPhone and iPad. A new version of Phonecard is available as well.

Feb 16, 2011

HTML5 Samples

Uploaded a few projects that are using HTML5 canvas. Textor is a text editor with syntax highlighting. Netron is a library for editing graph structures. Digger is a game written in JavaScript.

Aug 20, 2008

The Future of .NET Reflector

After more than eight years of working on .NET Reflector, I have decided it is time to move on and explore some new opportunities.

I have reached an agreement to have Red Gate Software continue the development of .NET Reflector. Red Gate has a lot of experience creating tools for both .NET and SQL Server. They have th…

Feb 20, 2007

.NET Reflector 5.0

Reflector 5.0 is now availabe. Add-Ins moved to CodePlex. This presentation summarizes most of the new features.

May 1, 2004

.NET Reflector 4.0

Reflector 4.0 is now available.

May 1, 2003


I started a weblog.